Hello, World!

I'm Ronan, now working on digital products, devOps & cloud infrastructure.

below is an excerpt of the development teams I've joined and the projects we've worked on in the tech space. Feel free to contact me on Linkedin

Interspecies • Wildlife Foundation

London, UK - Blockchain Developer at Blocksmith for Interspecies Money

The Interspecies Money project endeavors to afford wildlife and other species comprehensive financial representation, enabling their participation in socio-economic affairs to ameliorate their survival prospects and enhance life outcomes.

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eCOA • Clinform 3.x

Grenoble, FR - Front End Lead Technology at Kayentis Medical Technologies

Kayentis is a global leader in providing Clinical Outcome Assessments and decentralized clinical trial solutions. We specialize in a patient-centric platforms that facilitates real-time data capture both on-site and at home, aiming to improve patient user experience in clinical trials. eCOA applications offer a flexible set of data collection modes and key patient engagement features, integrated with other data systems, and and developed in strict compliance with medical and clinical regulatory requirements.

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London, UK - BlockChain Developer at Chimpers

Chimpers is a ground-breaking NFT character collection brought to you by the renowned pixel artist Timpers. Client application project with blockchain infrastructure, Ethereum smart contract capabilities for NFTs mints and airdrop management.

ABC • Heritage Inc.

London, UK - Full Stack / BlockChain Developer at ABC Heritage Inc

Heritage presents a pioneering approach to cryptocurrency investment, offering a unique platform where customers can capitalize in digital currencies backed by the value of precious metals. By aligning crypto investments with the trust associated with tangible assets, Heritage enhances the reliability and potential value of investments while simultaneously mitigating the risk typically associated with capital invested in the volatile crypto market.

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Nftee • Mint tangible NFT apparels

London, UK - Full Stack / BlockChain Developer at Blocksmith for Nftee

Nftee is an innovative business at the intersection of cryptocurrency and fashion, offering customers a unique opportunity to showcase their NFT (Non-Fungible Token) ownership. We provide a specialized service that allows NFT owners to celebrate their digital asset ownership by printing these unique designs onto high-quality apparel. This fusion of technology and fashion not only enables our clients to display their investment in the burgeoning world of NFTs but also to wear their digital assets with pride, making a bold statement in both the virtual and physical worlds.

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Zien • NFT Curation & Auction platform

London, UK - Full Stack / BlockChain Developer at Blocksmith for Zien

Blocksmith's mission is to help blockchain innovations flourish by providing cutting-edge proof-of-concept, MVP, and full-scale solutions to the blockchain pioneers of tomorrow. I worked with the team across multiple projects, ( Zien.io, Grants ), developed and standardized ERC721 smart contract with solidity, run a test suite migration to Hardhat, test suite extension and coverage, testnet/mainnet deployment, and more. Extended repository documentations. Performed multiple API integrations (Twillio Cloud Functions, Whatsapp, G-Suite), mobile development for front-end sprints.

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EI • Platform Migration

London, UK - Front End Developer at Everyone's invited

Everyone's Invited is a UK-based charity which core mission is to expose and eradicate rape culture through survivor's testimonials and awareness seminars. I delivered a platform migration MVP from Squarespace to a self-managed solution with additional dashboard functionalities. Full front-end refactoring with React/NextJS. Centralized theming with styled-components/style-systems. Built coherence between APIs and Database, Asset management.

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Bio-Cenosis • Phylogenetic Inference tree visualisation

Paris, FR - Full Stack Developer at Bioscenosis

The Bio-cenosis database is designed to provide and encourage access within the scientific community to the most up-to-date and comprehensive Phylogenetic constructs and DNA sequence information. In collaboration with genomic scientists and biologists, I participated in the production of a phylogenetic data bank & visualization platform. I handled the modal for genetic inference file upload, file formats conversion with python, cloud processing, relational database consolidation, built user interface D3 renders, and more.

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Prions • Product Lifecycle Management platform

London, UK - Project Lead Developer at Prions

Prions is a rapid prototyping studio delivering start-ups and corporate organizations alike web and mobile applications. I worked at the junction of the design and tech department to deliver an Enterprise-Resources-Planning platform for a fashion house client. Complemented UI/UX design production and iterations through user review cycles. Established code guidelines & documentation, supervised technical and feature code delivery managing and synchronizing +13 developers internationally from design briefs to deployment.

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University of the Arts • CSM . LCF . CCA

London, UK - Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martin, London College of Fashion

The University of the Arts London (UAL) is the center of innovation in performing, visual, and communication arts and design, fostering a vibrant community where creativity thrives. UAL expands artistic possibilities and outcomes, transforming lives through innovative and collaborative learning experiences. With world-class facilities and expert faculty, students are empowered to push the boundaries of their creative potential, preparing them for successful careers in the arts.

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